Riders For The Cure - Working to Cure Cancer

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Welcome to Riders for the Cure.org

Our History

Riders for the Cure was founded in 2006 by Dr. Samuel Hassenbusch, M.D., Ph.D., and Patrick Browning, J.D., M.H.A., both employees and avid motorcycle riders. The original purpose of Riders for the Cure was to serve as a voice for employee motorcycle riders but it was quickly realized that based on the club membership more substantial goals could be advanced and achieved. Today Riders for the Cure boasts over 150 current employees representing physician, administrative, clinical, operational, and support constituencies. The club is also open to retirees, former employees, and non-employee cancer survivors.

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Riders for the Cure Corporate Sponsorship Packet

Mission Statement

Riders for the Cure provides community awareness for different types of cancer and the various efforts to support research and education. As a group, we strive to promote communication and cooperation within the Texas Medical Center. We assist the MD Anderson Cancer Center in raising funds to be used toward the stated institutional mission of Making Cancer History®.

Vision Statement

Riders for the Cure will continue to provide support for future research and educational goals for The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. We will continue to represent the institution in a positive light as well as in the community.

Riders for the Cure Officers

President: Patrick Browning
Vice President: Brandy Reed
Treasurer: Jason Hassenbusch
Assistant Treasurer: Cyndi Chaney
Secretary: Oliver Bogler
Assistant Secretary: Kristin Cortese
Road Captain: Jim Hudgens
Assistant Road Captain: Jan Swope
Safety Officer: Leslie Kian




Upcoming Rides

Sam’s Jam VIII:

Sam’s Jam VIII is being retooled and will not take place this year due to logistics issues. We will update for more information on Sam’s Jam IX in October of 2016. Please send us any feedback or suggestion on how to improve this event for 2016. Jason - jhassenb@mdanderson.org

Ride for Life 2016:

May/June, 2016 (final date will be announced soon)

Anderson Network

Ride for Life, a police-escorted motorcycle ride, will take place on in May/June 2016. The ride will start and end at Stubbs Harley-Davidson in Houston on Telephone Road. Please mark your calendar for this event. The tentative start time is 10:30am.

This event supports Anderson Network’s annual patient and caregiver conference held in September. The ride is one of many events commemorating National Cancer Survivor’s Day at MD Anderson. National Cancer Survivor’s Day is held annually on the first Sunday in June in hundreds of communities worldwide to celebrate survivors and their caregivers.

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Our Supporters

Studies Currently Supported...


Understanding radiation sensitivity through genetic analysis in Glioblastoma and Central Nervous System Cancers:


When a cancer patient receives radiation as part of treatment, there can be significant effects upon their quality of life.  This study is based on using genetic analysis to understand the relationship of radiation and possible genetic factors that could influence outcomes.  Better understanding of the genetic factors that lead to patients being more or less sensitive to radiation will help improve treatment and thus the quality of life for the patients.  The effects of radiation can lead to a decline in mental abilities and thus understanding possible genetic factors can help the medical team create a personalized cancer therapy to improve the quality of life, especially in brain tumor patients.


Principle Investigator: Erik P. Sulman, M.D., Ph.D., The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.