Types of new motorcycle

Are you currently in the market in search of a new motorcycle? You are sure to find various types. There are some questions you must first ask yourself, like how much are you willing to spend? What kind of rider are you? Does your riding involve daily or only during weekends?  Honest answers to those questions will help in choosing one that is best you for you let’s look at this now that some latest bikes have been introduced to the market, below are various types of motorcycle that anyone could go for.

Sport Bikes

When it comes to motorcycles sport bikes are among the most powerful bikes legally allowed on public roads. They are a step ahead of full-fledged race motorbikes and with some adjustments, they can be capable to race at the track. Due to the fact that sport bikes are specially built for speed purpose they normally enveloped on an aerodynamic fiberglass mold which covers the engine and ensures air circulates without any disturbance around it. Sport bikes are made up of some excellent feature which includes: clip on handle bar, high tech design with latest materials, a tucked riding position, high-performance parts which include the engines, the brakes with suspension and also stiff suspensions. It is not advisable to use sport bike for long distance journey because that is not why they were built.


Cruisers are among the most common types of motorcycles. When you mention cruiser comfort comes to mind. They are specially built for long distance journey. They normally come with motors which possess lots of low-end torque. They usually look heavy. Cruisers are not difficult to ride but they do not possess the cornering clearance or functions of a sport bike. They are comfortable and normally can accommodate two persons.

Touring Bikes

Touring bikes which could as be referred to as dressers or sometimes full dressers by some people, touring bikes, similar to cruiser are specially built for long distance journey, but the only thing that separates them is the way cruiser gets to the destination. Touring bikes allows their riders and passengers to enjoy some amenities that could only be gotten from luxury vehicles such as quiet engines and plush rides. They also provide large fairings that offer amazing wind protection and assist in the prevention of fatigue. They usually come with large seats which ensure comfort and gives back support.  Similar to cars touring bikes come with airbags. They also have radios, mp3 players and CD’s as well as quality trip and navigation computers. their suspensions were built in such a way that enables them to adjust at any given time in order to deliver optimum ride and to crown it all they have the ability to tow a trailer.


Standard is the do it all kind of motorcycle. Meaning it was not built for a specific purpose but has the ability to perform many tasks.  Standard is normally bikes suitable for commuting, they normally provide some wind protection, and has the capacity to move freely on country roads. They normally have the ability to carry a little load or a passenger and in some case both. Most of the bikes on this category come with up-right positions, and most importantly friendly ergonomics.

Dual Sport

This particular kind of motorcycles is known as adventurer’s bikes. Dual sport was specially built for highway journeys. They normally come with large mirrors and gauges and a big tank. Dual sport tires are specially built to withstand dirt and move smoothly on the streets. They are designed to endure rigors of off-road journey and can be very dependable.

List of motorcycle protective gear with technology

It won’t be complete to just discuss only on motorcycles without listing those motorcycle protective gears with some even built with the latest technology to help protect you while you ride.

Digital gadget:

Due to the fact that more technology we are using in our daily life, motorcycle industry do as well. Now we may see digital data which is coming from our helmets video camera or GPS tracking system. Digital security will become more popular among drivers do to protect their private travel data. Just look at this now how some are recommending security surfing tips which may help you on your trips.


A safety helmet could be regarded as the single most vital piece of protection kit. Findings from the world health organization (WHO) has revealed that helmets could help to reduce incidents of critical head injury by 50 percent, this days with the help of modern technology some now comes with various protective cameras to enhance safety.

Leather Suit:

It’s advisable for riders to always put on clothing to guide against any form of injuries that might occur in an unfortunate case of a collision.

Leather protective jackets with trousers (or suits) provide great protection to bike riders in case there is an unfortunate crash incident. In fact, there are fantastic original leather garments that are now available with very fashionable appearance and colours, with amazing safety and top standard protective futures (normally with an in-built protective body armor offering additional protection for the knees, shoulders, and elbows).   


Before you take a ride with that motorcycle, always ensure you are putting on all the necessary protective gear which includes; Helmets, Gloves, Boots and Leather suites for optimal guidance and protection.